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AlAnn Ranch Alpacas

"Everything Alpaca"

In The Beautiful And Rugged Mountains Of Northern Arizona

AlAnn Ranch is a family-run alpaca producer in northern Arizona, USA. We breed hardy, genetically diverse alpacas, and sell breeding stock, companion and pet alpacas, guardian llamas, fiber and fiber products, and meats. We maintain a flock of Muscovy ducks for eggs and food, and sometimes have a small herd of Angora (mohair) goats for fiber and food as well.

Alan, Ann, Rebecca and Malichi work the farm year-round, caring for animals, planting the garden and harvesting all our produce -- animal, vegetable and mineral -- Just kidding. ;)

We use Scott Dontanville at New West Shearing from Colorado to shear our animals annually and sell the fleece as raw fiber, roving, bats, yarns, blankets and rugs, clothing and home decor. Any llama fiber is also used -- usually as rug yarn or bats for quilting and such. Our mohair is sometimes blended with the alpaca for unique and lustrous yarns and rovings. Some of our fiber is hand processed -- we card, spin, ply, weave, knit, crochet, tat, felt and sew items for sale. We also send some alpaca and llama fiber out to different mills for processing into different types of fiber products. Arizona Fiber Mill in Prescott Valley, AZ is our preferred mill. We hope to try out Mystic Pines in Flagstaff this year as well. Occasionally we offer items imported from South America for sale also, but try to keep everything Arizona Grown and USA made.

The last full weekend in April every year is Shearing and we invite people from around Arizona, the region, and even from several states away. We may provide rough camping with no amenities in the beautiful northern Arizona juniper forest, provide some accommodations and showers, feed everybody, and have a large BBQ party Saturday night. After cleanup on Sunday, generally everyone but family leaves for parts North, West or East. This annual shearing provides our raw fiber product.

We usually attend between two and five trade shows a year--setting up our booth, bringing animals to share, educating the public, and selling our hand and machine made products to the public. We also participate in National Alpaca Farm and Ranch Days, and Thanksgiving and Christmas Farm Boutiques. We host a "Fun Fiber Field Trip" for K-12 children of the Yavapai-Prescott Indian Tribe (Prescott), and Pine Forest Charter School and Camp Civitan (Flagstaff), in the Fall and Summer, as well as other school groups. Visitors are welcome on an appointment basis.

AlAnn Ranch is a member of several cooperatives such as the New England Alpaca Fiber Producers (NEAFP). Ann can often be found at Arizona ranches helping out during their shearings in March, April and May each year.
AlAnn Ranch Alpacas is a member of Alpaca Breeders of Arizona, Alpaca Owners Association (national), the Alpaca Registry and supports the semi-annual SouthWest Regional Alpaca Show, and participates in and supports the Alpaca Blanket Project.

Ann and Alan Lamon
AlAnn Ranch Alpacas
PO Box 188
Ash Fork, AZ 86320-0188
480-603-0459 fax

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